In summer ,with the temperature climbing higher and higher you think of ,beach, sea, holidays . .and why not camping! Certainly this year many people will turn to alternative holiday suggestions. And the reasons are of course all obvious …
This is an alternative, it is pleasant, is a whole adventure! Go camping is an accepted idea by more and more people ,of all ages every year. The figures show: Throughout Greece you can find over 300 organized camping!
You are about to make a holiday close to nature?
You just have to prepare properly and to realize from the beginning that the camp is literally something different … Forget the comfort amenities (bed, bathroom, air-condition, computer, ect.). All these will be replaced with sleeping bags, tents, natural breeze of the beach or the mountains .
8 rules to deserve the title of the correct camber.
If you have responded positively to the last question, then it’s time to learn a few basic things to not find yourself surprised at your holiday.
You will need special equipment so that your vacation is comfortable and safe.
You have to live with other people who may share a common love camping, but you can keep for yourself many other things.
Respect the environment and keep clean the area.
Before we put up our tent make sure to clean the surrounding area from stones and made sure to smooth the surface. Otherwise, when you lie down it will be annoying. Also, choose a shady spot for your tent so as not to wake up every day with the first sunlight.
The organized campsites have quiet hours policy, so get ready to restrict your freedom for some specific times in the day.
Camping privacy is lost. Each sound is nearly as intense in the next tent and I this case, (the walls) have ears literally!
When you leave the tent, make sure that you take with you your money, mobile, identity card and anything valuable because rightly or wrongly violation of the tent is very simple.

If you decide to do camping so it is good to think about the things you take with you! You need absolutely necessary and helpful equipment. Before you take anything with you, think what will be of use. Let’s see….
Usefulness: 9/10
It is probably the first word that comes to mind when you hear about camping! So it is … In camping, tent, big or small, is your house and nobody can challenge in it!
Tip: If you’re a beginner , then take advantage of your home garden Practise putting up your tent for the first time! Knowing that how, saves you from hassle and wasting holiday time .
Inflatable mattress and / or sleeping bag
Usefulness: 8/10
The inflatable mattress will make you sleep almost like royal in a camping. In fact, now most of them are sold with a manual or electronic pump to avoid troubles in the process of inflation. Alternatively or in addition, you can buy a sleeping bag for warmth and a basic comfort.
Tip: supply inflatable pillows and linen and maybe even feel like home.
Storm Lamp / Flashlight
Usefulness: 10/10
As the sun falls a flashlight or lamp is a must to do even the simplest things. Remember also that probably you are not familiar with the absolute darkness for a long time, so I you’ll need it. Don’t forget batteries.
Tip: If you look for smartphone applications like flashlight … It is highly practical, reduce the cost, and gain space in the car or a free hand to hold something else when you transfer things!
Thermos / fridge
Usefulness: 8/10
In a Camping site the thought of the water is constant . The solution is a refrigerator or a thermos to quench your thirst at any time. Make wise use of this .
Tip: Fill the fridge with ice cubes so that, water, coffee or soft drinks will keep much longer cool.
Usefulness: 7/10
As useless as it may seem at first thought, get ready to change your opinion! Tie the rope from one end to an other and there you can hung the towel sea, your swimsuit, the lamp at night or do it even a hanger for your clothes.
First Aid kit
Usefulness: 10/10
When you accept to live in nature, then you should probably accept as a given that sooner or later you will be bitten by a mosquito or an insect. So the first thing that you should think is a first aid kit with mosquito cream for bites, ammonia, alcohol and gauze.

Sanitary articles
Usefulness: 9/10
Shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste are the main products used both in the bathroom and in a camping site.
Tip: If you have been informed that there is a mini market close to the campsite, you do not need to carry them from the house. As regards costs, the gap in prices will not be as great.
Mat camping
Usefulness: 7/10
One or more … The mat camping turns into carpet to sit or lay down even a space to put shoes and flip flops out of the tent.
Tip: After removing your shoes before you enter the tent, remember to thoroughly, clean your foot to not carry inside dirt or dust.
Folding chairs & table
Usefulness: 7/10
The camp will win extra points in your heart if you go with a good company! A folding table is good to have breakfast in the morning, lunch and lounging until late ,with your friends.
Clothes usefulness ..ok!
Depending on the days that will stay at the campsite can decide the amount of clothes that will be of use. Usually at the campsite you will need a pair of jeans and a warm sweater when cold, some t-shirts, and of course swimwear.
Tip: Hat , scarves for head and sunglasses will make more comfortable your stay in the sun and the fixed shoes are necessary if the campsite is on the mountain or the path to the beach is steep.