For a well organized camping holiday you will need some things :
• If possible, choose a tent with guy ropes that are a bright color or have fluorescent tags attached to them so people can see them in the dark.
• Practice putting up your tent before you go away so you won’t be stressed when you arrive at the campsite.
• Check that you’ve got all the equipment you need before you set off on your trip. That way, you won’t be tempted to improvise with other items that might not be suitable for the task.
Pack at least one torch- chairs -table (folding) -Sun beds –cushions- hammer – knife – portable Refrigerator -bags for trash -camera and / or camcorder -mobile and car charger -21-inch TV –antenna- radio -sheets –sea towels and for face & body towels -mattresses & inflatable lifejackets.
• The temperature drops at night so take a warm sleeping bag and enough bedding.
• Don’t obstruct walkways or tracks with your tent’s guy ropes.
• Supervise children at all times. Be especially careful on the first and last days of your holiday because children can easily wander off while you’re busy pitching or taking down your tent.
Shampoo & shower gel + sponges- toothpaste & toothbrushes -combs
books ,crosswords- crayons and coloring books -1 bag with toys and buckets.

• Weather is unpredictable so pack clothes for wet weather, warm weather and cold weather.
T-shirts – long pants – long-sleeved shirt and / or jacket – pair of socks and shoes
swimwear- slippers for the beach.
• Sun cream. You spend a lot of time outdoors when you’re camping so you’ll need to protect your skin from sunburn.
• Organize your first aid kit.
Peroxide of hydrogen -Iodine – alcohol clean -cotton – gauze – bandages or plasters – snakes & mosquito repellents- scissors – sticks ammonia -thermometer –painkillers,analgesics -moisturizing lotion for any sunburn – earplugs.