The new trend for economic and alternative holidays!

Camping traditionally is the first choice of primarily young, catching on in other age groups and families.
According to official data of the nation-business owners association camping, today there are 327 units throughout Greece, the capacity of which amounts to 29 645 tents and caravan sites, 948 bungalows and 93 123 beds. First, in terms of geographical distribution, occupies Macedonia (95 points), followed Peloponnese (85 points), and followed by the Cyclades, the islands of June and central Greece.
From camping these more- 80% – seasonal and only 20% are open all year.
Holidays in a camping site is extremely familiar to Europeans. As an indication of how widespread this type of holiday is , just 13% of annual overnight stays is by Greeks and 87% by foreigners, mostly Europeans. From 2008 to 2010, most guests were German (27%) and followed by the Italians (15%), Greeks (14%), French (12%) followed by Dutch, British, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and Spanish.
The Greeks choose camping considering the main economic solution. Unlike Europeans spend large amounts and invest in equipment to enjoy their holiday in nature. For foreign visitors, this conscious preference creates a growing market of campers, caravans towed with the right vehicle, tents and specialized equipment, in combination with the choice of distant destinations and long trips that require increased financial budget (transportation, food, recreation, travel insurance etc.).