Mount Olympus (2918 meters or 9568 feet elevation), highest peak in Greece, rises high above Litohoro village. The ancient Greeks considered awesome Mount Olympus to be the home of the god Zeus. Mount Olympus was declared the first national park of Greece in 1937. It is 100 kilometers southwest of Thessaloniki. Mount Olympus has eight peaks including the “Throne of Zeus” (2909 metres) and Mytikas (2919 metres, the highest summit). Mytikas, the highest of several summits on Mount Olympus, was never climbed until 1913 by a native of Litohoro and two Swiss climbers. Hiking season runs June through October. The hut will be most crowded in July and August, when advance reservations are most necessary. May through mid-June have the best climate, not overly hot. Visit the EOS (Greek Alpine Club) office in Litohoro for details of trails, mountain refuge reservations, and advice about weather conditions. In May 2001, Carol and I attempted to reach one of two summits (Mytikas, or the easier Skolio) with our excellent climbing guide Michalis (Mike) Vasileiou from Robinson Expeditions, but he wisely stopped our group due to slippery fresh snowfall and fog 300 feet short of the top.